Extism is the open source, universal plug-in system. Make all software programmable. Powered by WebAssembly.

A Plug-in System for Everyone

In-depth documentation, constantly updated as the project grows.

  • 15+ officially supported Host SDKs, making Extism embeddable in most popular languages.
  • 7+ officially supported PDKs, to write plug-ins in whichever language a developer would like.
  • Growing set of runtime features, making Extism an excellent plug-in system for apps of all types & sizes.

Visit the official documentation at https://extism.org

Fully-featured canonical reference demo with Elixir host SDK, and plugins in Rust, TypeScript, & Javascript.

  • Implementation of a turn-based multiplayer game platform, and games included to play and review.
  • Games are implemented as WebAssembly modules containing a specific set of exports.

100% open-source code. Fork it, experiment, & run your own game server!


Open Source

Checkout the source code on GitHub, download the installer and get started!

Free forever

  • BSD-3-Clause License
  • Easily run .wasm code in your app
  • SDK support in 15+ languages
  • Write plugins in 7+ languages
  • Welcoming community!