Modsurfer provides ops & dev teams with analysis + diagnostics tools to search, browse, host, validate, audit and investigate WebAssembly modules and components.

What's in your .wasm?

Purpose-built for technical teams working with WebAssembly:

  • at-a-glance insights into WebAssembly module data (code size & complexity, imports/exports & more)
  • search for details about modules (hash, ID, function names, strings, namespaces, errors & more)
  • off-the-shelf System of Record: easily audit and track all the WebAssembly code in your stack
  • debug & triage issues otherwise difficult to pinpoint in opaque WebAssembly format

Try it out: analyze WebAssembly modules and components!

Scan & validate binary modules with the CLI:

  • Write or generate a "checkfile" to track binary requirements.
  • If a module fails validation, a helpful report is created to get things back on track.
  • Validate your modules for import/export existence, function signature, security compliance, runtime complexity, & more.

The CLI puts all your Modsurfer data at your fingertips and is the easiest way to interact with the Modsurfer application.

Download a release from GitHub!

Bring Modsurfer directly to your code on GitHub.

Use this GitHub Action
  • Integrating Modsurfer validation checks into your everyday workflow is as easy as can be. Using our GitHub Action in your repository helps you eliminate compatibility issues as early as possible.
  • Unlock a faster iteration loop, and know about problems before you deploy or run WebAssembly code.

This can be used by any GitHub project, no purchase necessary.



Public & free access to analyze and host WebAssembly.


  • X-ray view inside WebAssembly binaries
  • Host .wasm files for your apps
  • Debug compatibility errors
  • Protobuf-based HTTP API
  • Validation using checkfiles


Ready to deploy Modsurfer to your production environment?

Let's talk

  • All Developer features, plus...
  • Cloud-native delpoyment
  • Search module functions & strings
  • Self-managed with support
  • White-glove setup assistance available