Continuous monitoring of WebAssembly code execution across a wide range of environments

How's your .wasm behaving in production?

Unlock Wasm and elevate your insights with Observe SDKs for runtime extraction of logs, traces, and metrics

  • Idiomatic SDKs unleash the power from JavaScript, Go, and Rust with more languages on the way
  • Streamlined integration with popular WebAssembly runtimes such as Wasmtime, V8, and Wazero
  • Fully Open Source and easy to integrate

On-the-fly transformation of telemetry data into a myriad of formats and seamless transmission to a wide variety of destinations.

  • Comprehensive support for major APMs and standards: Plug and play adapters for DataDog, Honeycomb, Lightstep, and OpenTelemetry (stdout)
  • Extensible architecture and open source code enables the creation of new adapters

Reduce, or eliminate, the need for manual instrumentation of Wasm modules

  • Instrumentation compiler available to take raw Wasm as input and automatically apply instrumentation
  • Provides complete compatability with the Observe SDKs

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Observe SDK

100% Open Source. Check out the code on GitHub!


  • Provides continuous monitoring of WebAssembly code as it executes within a runtime
  • Runtime SDKs available for JS, Go, and Rust
  • Adapters available for DataDog, Honeycomb, Lightstep, and Otel
  • Support for Wasmtime, Wazero, and native JS runtimes
  • Pair any supported Adapter with any runtime SDK of the same language
  • Emit logs, metrics, and traces from WebAssembly


Generate a preview API key and begin instrumenting your Wasm right away!

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  • Automated instrumentation of WebAssembly code. Zero manual effort required
  • Complete compatibility with the Observe SDK