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Introducing... 👀Observe SDK

The Observe SDK provides first-of-kind observability tools for WebAssembly (Wasm), enabling continuous monitoring of WebAssembly code as it executes within a runtime.

Solutions for Wasm users in:

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Running WebAssembly in the cloud or on the edge comes with incredible benefits, as well as unique challenges.

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Secure, isolated execution paired with a universal binary format makes plug-ins a natural fit for WebAssembly.

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Browser Tech

Despite being the original home for WebAssembly, the browser can still be a complex environment to integrate with.

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Web3 & Blockchain

Powerful and programmable networks leverage WebAssembly for smart contract execution.


Extism is the open source, universal plug-in system. Make all software programmable. Powered by WebAssembly.


Modsurfer provides ops & dev teams with a system-of-record + diagnostics application to search, browse, and investigate modules.

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